"funny, existential, and thought-provoking"

Mahmoud Rasmi, philosophy consultant

MEgan Preston Meyer


A Corporate Elements Mystery

"Witty, Fresh, and Spot-On"

Susan D. Steiner, author of Murder by Manuscript

No One

is their authentic self at


Currant Keppler has a fresh MBA and her first corporate job: participating in the LATTE Management Rotation Program at Alpine Chalet Coffee Company, the Midwest's second-largest coffee chain.

She's fluent in jargon, excited for new challenges, and completely bought in - until she realizes that there's something fishy with her first project. I'm in the big leagues now, she tells herself. This is just how the game is played.

But when a question of ethics turns into a question of murder, she learns that some people will do anything to succeed – and that NO ONE is their authentic self at work.

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Like Currant, Megan has an MBA. She spent more than 10 years working in supply chain and analytics; now she focuses on the stories that data doesn’t tell.

She's the creator of the Supply Jane & Fifo Adventures, picture books that teach supply chain and operations management concepts to kids, as well as the Corporate Elements Mysteries, cozy mysteries for millennials that balance life and work.

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Praise for Firebrand

Quotation Mark

Megan Preston Meyer's gift for description blows me away!

Pru Warren, author of the Surprise Heiress series

Quotation Mark

As a Minnesotan and someone going into corporate life, I appreciated it.

Mya Sullivan, Minnesotan going into corporate life

Quotation Mark

I love your adjectives!

Early Reviewer



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